Colson Bicycle

During the years of 1917 and 1953 one of the most popular bike manufacturers was The Colson Corporation. They produced many different models of bikes. The "Clipper" was a very popular colson bicycle. It was produced and sold exclusively by Goodyear in 1941. Bicycles were becoming more and more popular and in the years to come competition would arrive.

Another pair of popular bikes produced by Colson was the Firestone Cruiser and Super Cruiser. These bikes were produced for one year only and were made specifically for Firestone. In 1941, the Cruiser and Super Cruiser gave the "Clipper" a run for its money. All bike enthusiasts knew that owning a colson bicycle was a monumental experience. There are many people who would love to own a colson bicycle that was in mint condition. Finding one can be somewhat difficult due to the fact that The Colson Corporation was purchased in 1954 by Evans Products Company. The division of the company that produced bicycles only lasted until 1962 and no new bikes have been produced since.

The Colson bicycle refers to a series of vintage bicycles built by the Colson Corporation of Elyria, Ohio in 1917 to 1953. These bikes were sold to multiple retailers all across the country. The most popular and well known sellers of “Colson bicycles” were Firestone and Goodyear two companies still largely popular today.

Colson bikes were very successful throughout the time they were in business eventually adding more products to their line such as tricycles, wheelchairs, and bike parts. A very interesting attribute of the Colson bicycle company is that most of their bikes were named after the retailers who sold them, such as the Firestone Flying Ace or the Goodyear Double Eagle Bicycle. Colson Bikes from all years have become very rare and collectable.