Colson Elfin Tricycle

This are not your grandpa's tricycle, it more than just an emotional valued artefact, it is a vintage collectible. A Colson Elfin Tricycle is as rare as they come, especially those which are in excellent condition. These vintage finds date back pre-world war which makes spotting one quite a moment for bicycle hobbyists. The tricycle goes back to the 1920s and bicycles were used for many chores and a variety of other transportation options for people at the time. One well-loved model still had white wheels and a metal body in very good condition, despite its being used to deliver mail and other travelling needs.

The Colson Elfin Tricycle is a miniature, ideal for young children for play and those learning to ride a bike for exercise. These trainer set of wheels can be the introductory stepping stone for a bigger bike in the next stage, and can be passed on to another child in the succeeding generation because of its sturdy body. It is low maintenance and is safe to ride on a lawn or a sidewalk where not much traffic is going on. Families which take good care of their children's tricycles always have it hidden somewhere until the right time comes for it to be restored and reused as another set of training wheels for a young, proud owner.

The Colson Elfin Tricycle is a great Christmas of birthday present for a tot who yearns to drive his very own bicycle someday. And by chance should a Colson Elfin Tricycle be spotted in the near future, do take a second look at this classic and make it a part of your family and your memories.