Colson Sonic Scout Bicycle

A colson sonic scout bicycle references a vintage collectible bicycle made and produced in the 1950's. Most of these bikes, have the colors, dark blue, red and white on them. These bikes have a tall seat post. The front fender of this bike has correlating colors to the rest of the bike. The same is true of the back fenders on these bikes.

The back fender houses a unique looking red reflector. These bikes have a cream chain guard, measuring at least twenty six inches in length. On it, has a red colored jet airplane. The back of the plane has a very nice jagged red line, coming from the back of the plane. The words, 'sonic scout' are printed on it, in a cursive red style of print.

A Colson Sonic Scout Bicycle also has red and blue distinctive pinstripes painted on the chain guard. These bicycles typically have a main color of beige or cream. The tank on this bike is very sharp looking. It has a very distinct to these bikes, a picture of a flying jet painted on both sides of the tank. The colors are red white and blue. It gives it that patriotic look. The tank also has finely painted pin stripes on it. It's a very sharp looking bike. The pedals on this bike are sprocket pedals. They are made of black rubber. The bike has a white wall tires, that measure about 26 inches by 2 inches. There are chrome rims on this bike.