Bicycle High Wheel

The high wheel bicycle were made back in the 1870s. It is known as the bicycle high wheel from the front wheel being much larger than the back. It was made that way for speed purposes but was very unsafe. If you hit a spot in the road it could very easily throw you off. This bicycle was made for the adventurous man who wanted to be high up in the air. The bicycle high wheels were the first to be called bicycles.

The bicycle high wheel rolled easier over stones, cobbles, and ruts. These bicycles were made from cast iron frames and solid rubber tires, and bearings for steering, wheels, and pedals. Although these bicycles were hard to get on and off they were famous for their speed. By 1890 they were replaced by the safety bicycle. Although to this day you can still purchase a bicycle high wheel, they are a bit pricey but are sure to get a smile out of anyone's face just watching you get on or off of it. For those antique collectors this is a must have.

Penny farthing, high wheeler, high wheel, and ordinary. These terms are all used to describe the infamous bicycle high wheel. These specific types of bikes were manufactured with an extremely large front wheel and a drastically smaller rear wheel. Though today these bicycles are known mainly as penny farthers, they were not described as such until the near end of the manufacturing. These remarkable inventions boggled even the most advanced mine. Visually appealing and extremely hard to ride, the bicycle high wheel was invented in 1840. It opened the doors for cycling as a sport, and was a trademark of the Victorian era. Though it did not last long, the bicycle high wheel certainly left its mark in history and changed the sport of bicycling forever.