Bicycle Ross

Bicycle Ross used to make excellent and very durable road bikes. These bikes are great for racing in competitions or just riding on the road for fun. As of today, Ross only makes bicycles for kids and doesn't carry adults bikes anymore. In the early 1900's Ross carried many bikes and was a very popular brand. In the 1970's they started going downhill and only carried them in department stores.

Bicycle Ross were made with quality back in the day. If there was ever somewhere riding a bike around town, it was usually one that had been made by Ross. There was plenty of room for extra options with this bike. You could easily add on a child seat carrier, a basket, or even head and tail lights. There was also a lot of spring added to these bike seats that many other companies didn't offer. This added extra comfort for the rider. Having a Ross bicycle can be a pretty neat item and can also be worth some money.