Elgin Bicycle

The first Elgin bicycle was made in Elgin, Illinois in the mid 1900's. These bikes that were made in the U.S.A. were built of absolute quality. Elgin bikes were bikes that everyone just had to have.

These bikes had a very thin frame, balloon tires and fenders. Many of these vintage bikes also uses a rare skiptooth chain system and lubricated hubs. It was just a basic original bike, but it definitely got one from point A to point B. Many people decide to purchase a vintage bike like this simply because it can be considered an antique. One could still ride a bike like this today, or even sell it and make a profit off of it. It is vital to research the model in order to obtain the proper meaning and value of the bike. If you plan on selling your bike you will want to get the best price you can.

Vintage bicycles are a favorite collectible. Avid vintage bicycle collectors have their own secrets to finding those hidden treasures. Some might frequent the flea markets, estate sales, or garage sales, while others hunt the strange and unusual places for the vintage treasures. There is no way to skip all the hard work that goes into collecting those national treasures also known as vintage bicycles. One favorite vintage bicycle is the Elgin Bicycle.

The Elgin Bicycle is considered one of the most beautiful and unique bicycles of its time. Take a trip back in time a few decades and find that the bicycle was a one of a kind beauty that had no rivals. The bicycle was patterned more on the style of a motorcycle than the more traditional bicycle. Today the bicycle is highly collectible for its form and design.