Elgin Black Hawk Bicycle

The Elgin Black Hawk Bicycle was manufactured from 1934 to 1936 by the Westfield Manufacturing Company and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. The Black Hawk was an upgraded version of the Falcon. The low, swooping front down tube and “Twinbar" frame is reminiscent of prewar motorcycles in the same era. A triangular shaped rear stand and a carrier over the rear wheel were standard motorcycle features. A streamlined tank slung below the top twin tubes wasn’t just for show. The tank opened from the right and provided room for a battery, tools, and assorted childhood treasures. The frame and tank were black with red trim and accents.

The Black Hawk came with chrome plated hubs, sprockets, front forks, and crossbar handlebars. The leather seat was sprung with nickel plated springs. Allstate Balloon tires with white sidewalls were mounted on 26 inch metal clad wood rims. The metal rim cladding was chrome plated. Stainless steel fenders, called mudguards at the time, shielded riders from mud and debris. An electric chrome plated E. A. Laboratories pancake horn mounted on the handlebars was operated by a flipper switch . A chrome plated headlight completed the bicycle.

Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold the Elgin Black Hawk Bicycle for a cash price of $39.95. There was an innovative installment payment plan of $7 down and $6 a month for a total Easy Payment price of $43.95. With the features and quality of the Black Hawk it’s easy to see why it sold so well.