Elgin Falcon Bicycle

The Elgin Falcon Bicycle is an outstanding example of the prewar ballooner bike. It was one of the first flat tire cruiser bikes with soft, smooth balloon tires and motorcycle styling. A diamond framed model was founded in the early 1920’s; it was made for men, women and youths. It is referred today as a boy’s bike. The colors were cherry red with black trim or khaki brown and cream or the choice of Arizona brown trim with black. Models were made with mudguards on the back and front, the front guard had a protective splashier built in. It also had a tool set to repair your bike. You could buy all this for about twenty-five dollars. This was the beginner of the flat tire era.

In 1935 Columbia/ Westfield manufactured the Vintage Falcon Bicycle for Sears Department Stories. The Elgin Falcon Bicycle has a streamline automobile type bar frame, a hanging tool bar tank, crossed braced handle bars, a rugged rear carrier, deluxe buckets saddle, a rear drop stand and lights speedometer and a siren. The only difference between the Elgin Falcon Bicycle and it brother the Sear’s Black Hawk is they have difference features, the Sear’s Black Hawk came with stainless fenders which was an option on early Falcons.

Another one of Elgin Falcon Bicycle is the 1934 Elgin boy Falcon deluxe bike, it has features like clad motorcycle rims, teacup light, speedometer, heavy duty tires, red saddle, and rear carrier and cross brace handle bars and a Pearson siren.