Elgin Robin Bicycle

The Elgin Robin bicycle is a vintage product that was built in the 1930's for sale at Sears stores. Most of these bikes were built with a chain, but some models included a unique shaft drive. A zepellin style tank is one of the features that set these bikes apart. They were highly popular in their period, and they're a vintage collectible item today.

At the time of its manufacture, the Elgin Robin was a middle of the line product. Sears, during the 1930's, was selling 25% of the all the bikes in the United States. There are many qualities that make these products valuable to vintage collectors. This model is known for the many unique features that were included in its manufacture. Most of these bikes featured a standard chain drive, but some of them had a crankshaft that provided power to the rear wheels.

The Elgin Robin is also remarkable for the design of the body. They feature elegant curves, and there is a zepellin style tank between the seat and the handlebars. The handlebars curve gracefully back to the rider, and some of these bikes included lights on the front of the steering assembly. Leather seats were featured on most of these bikes, and collectors search for vintage bikes that have the original leather. This is a great looking vintage bicycle, and it clearly displays the qualities that made it popular during its day. Some of these bikes even had a rear reflector that was made from dimpled aluminum.