Elgin Skylark Bicycle

Vintage cars and collectible baseball cards are cool, but there is nothing quite like the feel or the style of a vintage bicycle. Bike technology has come a long way in the past century, and while there have been many excellent innovations, bikes of the past are simply unparalleled in their unique quality and adventuresome vibe. In this sense, the elgin skylark bicycle embodies the perfect combination of simplicity, style, and serene riding quality.

Introduced to the bike world in the 1930's, the elgin skylark bicycle was considered to be one of the smoothest and most streamline women's bikes available. Not to mention, this particular bike also happened to have one of the most radical appearances on the market, appearing like a mix between a seamless cruiser and tough commuter. This interesting design gave the bike a sort of prewar ruggedness that had yet to be emulated by other similar models, like the Robin, Phantom, or Bluebird.

The elgin skylark bicycle was essentially responsible for making the activity of biking more than a hobby. This bike made biking a way of life, one that could roll along smoothly over bumps, up hills, and around corners with such a universal ease that anyone could hop on and give it a try. Today, the road might be dominated by brands like Bianchi, Specialized, and Marin, but the Elgin bicycle is a model that is greatly desired by many, but owned by few. Yes indeed, they don't make them like they used to make them.