Hawthorne Bicycle

The Hawthorne bicycle became popular in the early 1900's. Although the bikes were pretty generic, it seems as if everybody wanted one since it was the new trend. However, in the 1950's the bikes started to develop more of a design. They now were made with skiptooth chains and rear facing dropouts. In the late 1900's the bikes started to be made with balloon tires, which made it a thicker and easier tire to ride on. They were usually made with banana style seats and had a basket on the back for carrying around a few items. This made it simple when one needed a few things from the grocery store. These were definitely the bicycles that built character for people back in the day.

A Hawthorne bicycle was very costly years ago. Now, they run anywhere $250-$1,500 since they can sell as antiques. While most keep the bike as an antique, many people may still be interested in riding them around their town.

If you are looking for a quality bicycle with vintage flair, you should consider buying yourself a Hawthorne Bicycle.

Hawthorne Bicycles were originally sold by the now out of business Montgomery Ward stores. Hawthorne Bicycles were manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Company and H.P. Snyder, and they are a type of bike that you just can't find anymore. No matter if you are a collector, or you want to ride your Hawthorne Bicycle, there are a variety of places on the internet where you can make your vintage Hawthorne Bicycle purchase.

If you love the look of bikes from the early 1900's, and you want a bike that exudes vintage flair, you need to explore the variety of Hawthorne Bicycles available to purchase on the internet.