Hiawatha bicycle

The Hiawatha bicycle brand was originally sold by the Gambles Hardware chain and were popular from the late 1930s to the 1960s. The bikes were primarily manufactured by the Chicago Welding Company or the Shelby Manufacturing Company, although some were made by the Murray and Huffman companies. (Huffman later evolved into the popular bicycle brand of Huffy.)

Hiawatha bicycles were primarily touring bikes, designed for comfort on long-distance road trips, with their heavy frames, fat tires, and fat seats. While the Hiawatha bicycle name may not be as well-known as some of the other brands from that era, they are still highly collectible, prized by post-war bicycle collectors. Because there were produced in lower numbers than some other brands, they are difficult to find, especially in prime condition. Perhaps the most collectible bike from this brand is the late 1930s Arrow model, which was manufactured by Shelby. Its extreme styling was similar to Shelby's Airflow model.

For collectors who are in the know a Hiawatha Bicycle is most definitely a great item to pick up for a variety of reasons, and among them is an incredible sense of design and a real classic feel. The Hiawatha bike is a great item for collectors to pick up due to its ability to retain and even gain in value over the years.

The Hiawatha Bicycle is an especially good looking bike and its aesthetic charm makes it a bike that will be valued for years to come. This bicycle is a very important part of the history of bicycles and is a coveted item in many collector's possession; there is a good deal to love about the Hiawatha bike and any opportunity to buy one should be taken advantage of.