Hiawatha Beach Cruiser

Bicycle lovers collecting authentic Hiawatha Beach Cruiser have a treasure. This hard to find vintage bicycle was constructed by a gentleman referred to as Rob. His stretch of beach was clearly an inspiration for his Hiawatha Beach Cruiser. These handsome bikes once ridden by the elite up and down the coastal beaches were wonderful. But, the expense and the painstaking process of making these bikes made them non- competitive when cheaper bikes came along.

The number of bikes designed was small. During the time they were manufactured working in small shops was common and the need to label each item with a special tag was considered unnecessary with such a small inventory. These rare finds are spectacular for vintage bicycle owners. The Architect of the Hiawatha Beach was a small dealer using his home garage for a manufacturer place. As always larger manufacturers were able to sell their merchandise cheaper, making this bike difficult to take hold of the market.

Clearly the longevity of the bicycle and the restoration of the parts make a point of the quality construction and the car place in the building of each bike. The Hiawatha Beach Cruiser is very much like a fine violin; taking time and care in order to create a viable product. The makers of this fine bicycle made a fine product but were unable to compete with cheaper made bikes. The Hiawatha Beach Cruiser operated with hand made frames, giving these bikes that special quality of touch and care only human hands can give.