Vintage Higgins Bike

J.C. Higgins began working for Sears in 1898 and his name was used to launch a new line of sporting goods in 1908. His name was “Higgins” was placed on all sorts of items ranging from baseballs to bicycles.
People across the world are becoming huge fans of his bicycles which are now known as Higgins bike. Some people are restoring these bikes and selling them for a decent amount of money. The Higgins bike looks similar to any type of vintage bike and is even known to be the model that some newer bike styles are being based upon.

Articles and archives can be searched on the internet that can help any Higgins bike owner restore their Higgins bicycles if they find their selves wanting too. Tips range from correct ways to paint the bike to where to order parts for the bike. Along with these archives on tip restoration for the bikes is also a wide variety of websites offering purchases of the bikes from individual sellers.