Huffy Bike

In the Autumn when the weather is cool and the leaves are changing colors I enjoy going for long bike rides on my Huffy Bike. My favorite type of bike is a cruiser. These are classic bikes. They have the spring loaded wide seats. This type of seat is very comfortable for long bike rides. It is a very dependable bike and always brings me back to my childhood memories of riding my bike.

In my opinion Huffy bikes are the best type a person can buy. Whether it is for me, personally, or for my family. They are great bikes that are made to last through the years. I am not a mountain biker and typically enjoy long leisurely rides on a bike trail or through my neighborhood. Either way, whether I was looking for a mountain bike or a cruiser, Huffy is the only place I would look.

Huffy has been producing bikes for over 100 years making it easy to see why so many people collect a Huffy bike. Huffy has produces many different styles of bikes over the years and started out with some incredible racer and roadster bicycles. Their style of bikes made Huffy a household name by the late 1940's and they even produced one million bikes by 1962.

Today you are still going to find numerous different styles of bikes associated with this company including extreme bikes, tricycles, and numerous different sizes. A Huffy bike is made to fit the needs of kids, men, women, and people of all ages. This flexibility in styles has made their older bikes collector items and their new bikes a great option for people looking for something to ride.