Huffy Bikes

For many Americas Huffy bikes are associated with fond memories of their childhood. They remember when mom let you stay out until the street lights came on. It brings them back to days gone by when days were spent with the neighborhood kids riding all over town the whole day. It was a simpler time. Life was easy and a glass of milk and cookies was the highlight of your day.

Back in those days a new bike might have been unthinkable for some kids. That was until Huffy bikes began being sold. This company marketed a well made affordable ride, making the dream of having your own two wheels possible. The bikes were made in Ohio and made to last.

Kids everywhere loved their shiny new Huffy bikes with their slick red paint and white wall tires. A baseball card in the spoke was all that was needed to make this a child’s dream come true.

Huffy Bikes have been around since 1894. From 1894 to 1949 Huffy was manufactured under "Dayton" brand. In 2008 Huffy produced its most advanced race bike, the Sigma, BMX race bike.

The Summer Olympics of 1984 and 1988, U.S. athletes rode Serotta-built Huffy Bikes, winning two gold, two silver, and one bronze medal. Huffy's most popular models consisted of the Radio Bicycle, which contained a radio in the frame; the Dragster which was a wheelie bike; and finally the Huffy convertible with training wheels developed in 1949 for children. The Convertible was a revolution in children bikes and was the first bike under the Huffy name. It wasn't until 1953 that the Huffy logo was created and switch all its bikes to the huffy name.