Monark Bicycle

A Monark bicycle is a neat item that can have value depending on which model you own. While the older models may be more vintage and worth more, it is important to look at the quality of the bike as well. Even though a bike is old, if a bike has a lot of rust on it and is missing some parts, it may be worth little to no money. A newer model that is still shiny and rideable may be worth a nice amount of change.

A Monark bicycle has just about everything you need. From pedal breaks, head lights, reflectors and a basket in the back you are on your way to a great piece of equipment. This was a very expensive brand when this company first became popular. Many of the older models are still rideable and popular even today. These bikes are great items that you should be thankful you own.

Monark Silver King Inc was formerly named Monark Battery Company and was responsible for making some of the most original looking bikes in the 1940's and 50's. Some of the bicycles that were made by the Monark company include the Flocycle, Wingbar, and Monark Super Deluxe.

Monark Bicycles were made in Sweden by Birger Svensson. The company also made mopeds and motorcycles. First established in 1908, they made bicycles during war times. Today, Monark is part of Cycleurope and not only makes recreational bikes, but makes specialized bikes as well.

Monark Bicycle company's specialized bikes include ones with three wheels, tricycles with two wheels in front, tandem bicycles and tricycles with larger than typical back wheels that were 20 to 24 inches wide. Bicycles continue to made in Sweden and in Brazil.