Monark Deluxe Rider Bicycle

Among the great vintage bicycles of America’s not so bygone past, is the Monark Deluxe Rider Bicycle. This beautiful bicycle gives an experienced or novice collector, the opportunity to appreciate its unique design, its rich history or even a chance for a restoration project, depending on the type of bicycle collected. Vintage collectibles give the collector a look into America's rare past, its technology and creativity. Vintage bicycles shed a new light on American ingenuity and vision.

In 1957 most bicycles were made of strong, sturdy materials, especially for the frame of the bicycle. This was good for safety reasons but also made the bicycles harder for children to ride. Although the Monark company did not create a completely new bicycle to solve this problem, their engineers modified an existing design to create the Monark Deluxe Rider Bicycle. This new bicycle had a lighter weight frame, with a more sleek design, a bicycle tank, lighter more frame fitting balloon tires, a large bucket type seat, study metal handlebars, metal foot pedals and handy foot propelled brakes. This bicycle had options for different colors for the frame such as red or pink or blue, but was not made especially for children, like many bicycles today, meaning it was of a smaller size and had training wheels. The lightweight frame made this bicycle easier for older children and teenagers to maneuver, making Monark a quick trendsetter for other bicycles of the period, securing its place as a must have vintage collectible!