Monark Roadster Bicycles

Monark bicycles were popular back in the 1950’s and were considered to be quite expensive at the time. Monark Roadster bicycles were made for both boys and girls. The bicycles were made of substantial construction and were quite heavy. The bicycles were manufactured in different heights to accommodate children of different heights and provide comfortable riding. The Roadster is a classic bicycle, much sought after by vintage bicycle collectors.

The bicycle was simplistically built, and the only frills were a reflector on the back fender and a battery operated light on the front fender. The Monark Roadster bicycle featured balloon tires and pedal brakes, something not found on many bicycles today. The bicycles were also a single speed meaning there were no gears and cables to break. On the back of the bicycle was a rack for carrying school books, newspapers or a small bag of groceries for Mom.

The adjustable seat on the Monark Roadster bicycle was attached to two small, heavy duty springs that absorbed the weight of the rider and provided some give as the bicycle was being ridden. The seat of the bicycle did not have much padding, but that did not stop anyone from riding the bicycles for hours at a time.

The wheels were protected with fenders that covered about the top third of the front and back wheel. The fenders prevented small stones from being sprayed from the tires when riding on gravel roads. The chain guard was attached to the bicycle from the pedal wheel house to the back wheel frame. That prevented the rider’s long pants from being caught in the chain and the rider’s leg from rubbing against the chain, becoming greasy.