Monark Silverking Bicycle

The Monark Silver King bicycle is one of the best classic bikes ever made. The Silver King made an impact with its shine. This model was made from aluminum, which made the bike much lighter and easier to ride. The Monark Silver King bicycle was the bike of the past. This bike has a beautiful aluminum frame, with Goodyear bicycle tires and the signature Monark head tube badge.

Aside from its looks and the ease of riding this bike other standout features include the Monark headlight, which was created, by Seiss of Toledo and its integrated kickstand. The stainless steel fenders are also a nice touch to an already amazing vintage bicycle.

Anyone who loves vintage bicycles will love the Monark Silver King. Any collector who loves a classic bike would have a lot of appreciation for the Silver King. The workmanship of this bike is nothing but beautiful and high quality. It is hard to come by a Silver King that is in such good condition so if you find one, cherish it. Some were made before WWI. Not only will you own a collectable but also you can ride around on a piece of history.

Overall, this bike has so many great features and is an overall beautiful vintage bike. Anything from the shiny aluminum frame to the good year tires completes the classic look of this bike. These bikes have a great reputation and there are still some Monark Silver King bikes out there waiting to be owned.