Murray Bicycle

Murray began their production of bicycles back in the mid 1930s. They mostly designed them for the youth market. Oftentimes, the company would use low-cost parts, and that would help undercut the price of their competition. The Murray bicycle was sold to a variety of stores, which included department stores, hardware stores, and general retailers.

Although the Murray bicycle was stylistically different, the company had often imitated designs of other popular manufacturers. This sometimes got them into trouble. Schwinn bikes, for instance, once filed a suit against the company for copying a knurling and machining process on their rims.

In 1965, the company introduced a wheelie bike that was called the Murray Wildcat. It had a banana-seat, small tires, high-rise handlebars, as well as a tall sissy bar. The Wildcat helped give the company a boost in bicycle sales. After that, a whole new series of models had followed. In 1977, came their introduction of a BMX model. Then, in 1999, all production of their U.S.-made bicycles came to a halt. Now, Murray is used as a brand name for Chinese bicycles that are sold by Pacific Cycle.

Murray Bicycles are vintage bicycles from the mid 1900’s. These bicycles were manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio and designed mostly for children. Murray styled over a hundred different bikes that were manufactured to be low price in comparison to competitors. Most of the bicycles that were made in the 1960’s and 1970’s were sold through department stores such as Sears. The Murray bicycle stayed with the trends in 1965 they introduced a banana seat bike and in 1977 debut their BMX style. Murray did it's best to continue to stay above their competition but found it difficult as new and low cost ways of manufacture bicycles was developed.

With declining sales in the 1980’s Murray started to sell their bicycles through various discount chains such as K-mart, Wal-Mart and Target. The company did not meet its expectations and in 1988 the Murray brand was acquired by Pacific Cycle. The Murray Bicycle is now collectable vintage bicycles that are highly sought after in the vintage market.