Murray Eliminator

The Murray Manufacturing Company was founded in the early part of the 1900's and mainly built automobile parts but by the time the thirties rolled around they branched out into making bicycles. By the early 1960's the Murray Elimator model was introduced to the public.

The Murray Eliminator was manufactured well up into the 1970's. This model was geared for the younger generation and it's pominent features were a banana shaped seat along with a sissy bar or backrest and wide handlebars. This style was modeled after the motorcycles of the time which was even reflected down to the rims. Colors varied on the bicycle and they can range in bold, bright colors to that of soft muted hues of blue.

When it comes to speed the Murray Eliminator has three gears with five shifts located on the center of the stabalizing bar and a breaking system on the handlebars. Also, this bicycle can be used by either girls or boys since the center bar is low enough as not to create any balancing issues.