Pre War Bicycle

The Schwinn Auto Cycle Super Deluxe pre war bicycle had hubs on the tires that not only added to the appearance, but provided more power to the tires. This bike was constructed from steel and the joints were welded. It came with a Schwinn exclusive brake system that provided safety for the rider and the exclusive Spring Fork that helped smooth out bumps. This bike also have an exclusive instrument panel that had a speedometer and dual headlights.

One of the features on this pre war bicycle was the Spring Fork on the front tire of the bike was patented and was and independent spring that was up against a tempered steel coil. This brake system helped temper the bumps in the road, even on some of the toughest riding streets. Steel as well as many metals were hard to come by during World War II and about five to six years after the war was over.

A Pre War Bicycle is a bike that was manufactured before World War 2. These bicycles can be in their original condition or they could have been restored at some point in time. These vintage bicycles are usually sought after by collectors and have a certain look and style about them.

Where do people find a Pre War Bicycle? You can find them online rather easily by using a search engine. There are people selling them at online auction sites and in online classified ads. You can also place an ad online as to what kind of bike you are looking for and chances are somebody will respond to your request. They may not be local, but they will probably have the bike that you are looking for.