Raleigh Vintage Bicycle

The history of the bicycle can be of interest to cycling enthusiast alike. The Boneshaker and the High Wheeler was the predecessor to the safety bike. The introduction of two wheels of the same size and inflated rubber tires made cycling both fun and "safe." During 1880's and 1890's cycling grew so much in popularity there were Leagues formed rallying for the improvement of public roads. Production ceased during World War II when Raleigh was aiding with the manufacturing of ammunition but picked up again in 1949 with production doubled from where it was in 1938.

Cycling again gained popularity in the 1970's in the US. High quality bikes were produced in large enough quantities that they were able to sell them at lowered prices. While bikes have evolved greatly since then, cycling enthusiasts have an appreciation for the older models and Raleigh vintage bicycle restoration is on the rise. Videos and website can be found detailing the restoration of these classic bikes. Cyclists everywhere appreciate the classic design of the Raleigh vintage bicycle.

People collect different things. Some people collect baseball cards, others collect coins. Some enjoy collecting stamps, while others collect rare books. For some people out there it's all about finding rare bicycles to add to their collection. Whether they ride them or just keep them in the garage to pass on to a future generation, it's all about finding bikes that are rare and keep up their looks for years and years.

For most collectors, there is nothing like coming across a Raleigh Vintage Bicycle. You've heard the phrase that they "Don't make stuff like this anymore"? In the bicycle world, they don't make bikes like Raleigh used to. You can find out more info on a Raleigh Vintage Bicycle, and find out where to find them, online.