Raleigh Chopper

The Raleigh Chopper was produced from 1968 to 1984. It came from a company that was located in Nottingham, England. Quite a few of the bikes were sold in the United States, but the majority of the hits came from the United Kingdom. The Raleigh Chopper was based on the motorcycle choppers that were really popular in the US during the 1960s. The owner of the company, Frank Bowden, expanded on its popularity by opening a factory in Dublin, Ireland.

The chopper had become Britain's most popular selling bike. It was seen as the must have item among children all across England. After its success, a series of smaller bikes marketed for younger children were produced from it. These included the Budgie, Chippy, Chipper, and Tomahawk models. In fact, the Raleigh Chopper is still sold today. It's now considered both a childhood classic and one of the ultimate vintage bicycles.