Vintage Raleigh Compagnolo

The Vintage Raleigh Compagnolo bicycle was originally released in 1972 by Raleigh International. The frame is made of classic steel and is a 23 and a half inch build. The bike is well equipped with Campagnolo chain rings seat post, peddles binder bolt and drop outs. The chain rings used are the original 45/52 Campagnolo. The genuine Vintage Raleigh Compagnolo bike was released in the early 70’s it was available in classic gold.

The seats on the Vintage Raliegh Compagnolo were made by Brooks Professional. Brakes were 610 999 center-pulls constructed by the Weinmann Vainqueur company specifically for the Raleigh. . The vintage bike is a classic steel English bike and sports original Suntour bar end shifters. The shifters are not indexed and use an internal ratchet to shift.