Vintage Raleigh Mountie

The Vintage Raleigh Mountie is was one of the sleekest of the classic sixties era bikes. In the 60's Raleigh was in direct compatition with Schwinn. The Vintage Raleigh Mountie was in direct compatition with Schwinn's Sting Ray in the late sixties.

While the features of this bike may not be impressive to today's kids back then this was the bike to own. The sway back handle bars and banana seat added to the visual appeal of these bikes. Often enough one could also get these bikes in colors that were not offered by Schwinn as well.
Today, a Vintage Raliegh Mountie can bring upwards of over a thousand dollar on auction sites. A collector can usually fine the body to these bikes in scarp yards. Th rebuilding process is usually easy enough with a little bit of research.