Rollfast Bicycle

The Rollfast Bicycle is a streamlined beautiful machine, no matter what model. Like all great bicycle companies they were born in the late 1890's when bicycles were all the rage.

Passed between a collaboration of companies for designing the style, manufacturing the parts and advertising, the Rollfast Bicycle was even produced under the name of different models like the Hawthorne. By the time the Great Depression rolled around, the Snyder Company was mass producing the Rollfast for many big name companies such as Montgomery Ward.

The V series have a high amount of detail, and it is common to see chain guards as part of their features. From the early 1890's to that of the 1970's, each is streamlined and beautiful. Most models have a headlamp attached to the front facing tire and battery operated from inside of the casing. The decals are quite striking and deluxe models have stylish matching tires with white sidewalls and rubber pedals. Also, they come in a variety of colors and chrome accents.

The Rollfast Bicycle was created in 1930 out of the merger of two companys, D.P. Harris Hardware and Manufacturing company and the H.P. Snyder Manufacturing company. Starting in the early 1900's Snyder was the main creator of the bikes as D.P. Harris supplied parts and advertising for the company.

Since 1922 when Snyder built the first Rollfast Bicycle these bikes have road their way into American history making them great collector items and projects. The Rollfast Bicycle breathes nostalgia now as the bikes are vintage pieces, production stopping in the 1970's. Some popular Snyder models include the Hopalong Cassidy, Hawthorne Deluxe and V 200 Model. One could find on ebay and vintage bike shops offers of rare selection of these once common bikes.