Shelby Bicycle

Some of the most beautiful and collectable antique bicycles of the times are the Shelby Bicycle. They have a grace and style that is unique only to them. They manufactured bicycles with themes making taking their collectability to a whole new level.

One of the first Shelby Bicycles was manufactured in the 1890's called the Ideal. This was perfect timing since the Women's Sufferage Movement was quickly to come about and the bicycle represented a symbol of independence. It offered freedom to many at an affordable affordable price.

In 1928 a special edition Shelby Bicycle called the Lindy was made in honor of Charles Lindberg and the Spirit of St. Louis. This extremely rare bicycle is hard to come by. It held a small figurine of an airplane on the cross brace type handlebars.

After World War II, Shelby Bicycles introduced the use of chrome and it was the first of its kind to do so. Sleek in design and highly aesthetically pleasing, these beauties are highly sought after as a piece of Americana's history.

A Shelby bicycle is a unique looking bicycle with a nostalgic flair to its design. This unique bicycle has been produced since 1928. The unique looking bicycles are highly treasured among many bicycle collectors.

The Shelby bicycle company has produced several very unique bicycles. In the 1950's Shelby bicycle produced the Donald Duck bicycle. This bicycle was painted yellow and blue and also had a duck head on the front part of the frame. This bicycle company also created the "Lindy Flyer" bicycle.

The latest addition to the Shelby cruiser bicycle is the new Shelby GT500. This latest addition is painted blue and while and does seemingly resemble the blue and white GT 500 car. This bicycle will be ready for purchase in May 2011.