High Wheel Bicycle

The high wheel bicycle, also known as a high wheeler or ordinary, is a bicycle with a large front wheel and a smaller back wheel. The rider sits almost on top of the larger wheel, this eliminated the need for gears. The size of the front wheel had a major effect on fast the bicycle would go. The rider was unable to reach the ground while riding one of these high wheelers which made getting onto one somewhat tricky. There is a peg above the back wheel that the rider steps on and then the grab the handle bars and scoot themselves up into place. Often riders would learn how to mount and dismount on smaller versions of the bicycle before trying out a taller version.

The frame on the high wheel bicycle was usually cast iron and they usually had solid rubber tires. They often required little to no maintenance and they were made very sturdily. The handle bars are usually mustache shaped and there was a brake fitted to the fork crown. Some of the models had no brakes at all and were quite precarious to stop.

People collect a wide variety of things now a days. One thing that you may not believe is a collectors item, but is, are vintage bicycles. With a history that reaches back more than a century, there are plenty of different types of vintage bicycles that are available for the collector. One of the most popular are the High Wheel Bicycle, which were commonplace in before 1930, but were replaced by more practical designs.

Now a days, you can find a wide variety of options when you are looking for a High Wheel Bicycle for your collection. The great thing about the internet is that you are able to find a wide variety of collectors items that you used to have to search wide and far for.