Roadmaster Bicycle

The famous Roadmaster bicycle was started way back in the 1940s. This was back when bikes were only the cruiser types. There were no hand brakes, no different speeds, the handlebars were curved, and they had a chain for coaster brakes. The Luxury Liner model actually had red tires! They were also seen with whitewalls. It has a headlight, taillight, brakelight, heavy spoke wheels with thick balloon tires. This model of the Roadmaster bicycle was made between 1948 and 1953 and there are still a few around that are being made today.

The Roadmaster Luxury Liner was considered to be the Cadillac of bicycles back in those days. The comfort saddle is responsible for a lot of the plushness of the ride. Just imagine cruising down the street on one of these fabulous old-style Roadmasters. It will attract the same attention that a vintage car gets.

They can be made for children, men or women. Kids will get a big kick out of this bike, and they won't want to get off. This will surely give them all of the exercise that they need in these days of video games and computers in the home.

Roadmaster bicycles were manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Company beginning in 1936. After the baby boom, the company became so successful during the 1950s that they added another manufacturing plant. The vintage bikes were built with sturdy steel frames that many collectors pay top dollar for today.

The 1937 Roadmaster model added a built-in headlight, a rubber-padded gooseneck and other unique attributes that make this model popular with collectors. Another popular bicycle manufactured by the company is the 1938 Roadmaster All American Supreme. Designer Brooks Stevens had the idea to update the company’s bikes each year creating a desirable product for consumers. This manufacturing device tempted consumers to upgrade their bikes often. Early Roadmaster bikes were fast and flashy and were highly sought after by children everywhere.