Antique Bicycle Frame

In this day and age of reuse, reduce, recycle why not think green when it comes to landscaping? Find old items around your home and repurpose them. It is good for the environment and can be pleasurable too. This may require you too think a bit outside of the box, but in the end the results will be rewarding.

An idea to get you started on your path to eco-decorating is an antique bicycle. You may very well have an old bike in your back shed. The tires flat and the seat worn; you know you will never ride it again but the memories of days gone by keeps you holding on to it.

Why not dust your antique bicycle off and put it to use. Park it in your garden and adorn it with a variety of colorful flowers. Ivy or another vine type plant that will grow and become one with your new statue will complete the look.

Afterwards sit back, have a glass of tea and admire your work.