Sturmey Archer Internal Gear Hubs

Sturmey Archer is best known as a manufacturer of internal gear bicycle hubs. The English company has been making three speed gear hubs for over eight decades and has expanded its product line with 4, 5, 7, and 8 speed models. The design of the internal gear hub allows a bicycle's gears and shifting mechanism to be contained inside of the hub of a bicycle's rear wheel. Because internal gear hubs are less susceptible to damage than exposed gears, the Sturmey Archer design quickly became popular with casual cyclists. The company's 3 speed hub can be found on many classic British bicycles.

Today Sturmey Archer produces a line of bicycle cranks and shifters in addition to internal gear hubs. Most of the company's current products are oriented toward new bicycles, but some parts are still compatible with vintage models. For example, new 3 speed bar end and bar mount shifters are still available for those restoring bikes with an original three speed hub.