Vintage Bicycle Frame

Vintage Bicycle Frame Parts Are Used In Restoration Projects

The vintage bicycle frame, along with all types of old bicycle parts and pieces, are highly collectible items today. During World War II, the United States government held neighborhood metal drives to collect old scrap metal for their war efforts. Old pedal cars, bicycles, wagons, and all manner of ride-on toys were donated into these metal recycling programs. These 1940s war collection drives destroyed thousands of vintage toys.

Today, it is hard to find pre-war children's ride-on toys that can be refurbished without having access to the extra parts and pieces that were once attached to the original bicycle frame. Parts from the early 1900s Indian bicycles, Mead bicycles, and Pierce Arrow bicycles are actively searched for by collectors. The 1930s and early 1940s tank bicycles that were made by Schwinn, Elgin, and Firestone are also desirable items.

After World War II, many bicycles and other ride-on toys were made with pre-war styling. Collectors are searching for pre-1975 bicycle parts from the common Monark, Hawthorne, and Huffy brand names. While the pre-war bicycles are very desirable to restore, there are also people interested in restoring the old banana-seat bikes from the 1970s. All types of vintage bicycle frame parts are used in restoration projects today.