Vintage Bicycle Light

There were times when automobile power was not as practical for use to and from places. Many times a bicycle was the means of transportation. When travel fell during sunless hours, one still needed to see the road, path, or hazards in the way, and a vintage bicycle light could make travel easier to manage as well as much safer. Even others that might make contact with the rider could benefit from vintage bicycle light glow.

They are a wonderful addition to a collection with ties to history from the predawn of the Industrial Age that brings the past more alive. Oil lamps were popular in the mid 1800's. By 1900, carbide lamps clamped on the front, had green and red glass faceted disks on either side to allow passersby to know which direction the pedaled vehicle was traveling. Some were brass or nickle plated. If one is lucky, they may find a vintage bicycle light in a vintage barn just waiting to be displayed as well as a topic of discussion.