Vintage Columbia Bicycle

In 1985 my wife and I, in our first year of marriage, found a tandem bicycle in a yard sale. It was a Columbia Bicycle. We gladly paid ten dollars for our prize, and took it home. We put it in the bicycle shop for tires and maintenance. When we picked it up, "Skeeter", the proprietor, told us he could've sold it a dozen times in the two days it sat there.

We took our prize home and cleaned it up as best we could. The seats were torn and cracked, and the red paint was faded and now looked like red primer. The chrome handlebars were spotted with rust. We took our prize out for a ride on the sidewalk and quickly learned it takes practice to ride a two-seater. Within a week we had the hang of it. We drew a lot of attention, and were honored when the mayor approached us and asked us to ride our Columbia Bicycle in the Christmas parade.

Our Columbia Bicycle still sits in the garage. We take it out every spring, air up the tires, hose it off and take it for a ride. It still remains the best bargain we have ever found.

When it comes to finding vintage bicycles, there are a whole lot of options out there regarding what you can buy. If you are a fan of a old bicycles you know just how many types there are out there throughout the years. Bikes have been around for over a hundred years, you better believe that there are plenty of vintage bikes out there. One of the best of these vintage bikes were made by the Columbia company. And if you are looking for Vintage Columbia Bicycle, the internet is a great place to start.

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