Vintage Huffy Bicycle

Anytime I hear the colloquial axiom, "It's like learning to ride a bike...", I think of my first bike -- a Huffy. It was a BMX. Black and yellow with checker-box detailed Velcro foam guards around the rails. Thankfully these didn't come into use often. I remember for a year I was the fastest kid on the block. That is until Gary Bryerman got a Huffy for his birthday. No longer produced, the vintage Huffy bicycle will forever be a nostalgic part of the classic American two-wheeled pedestrian landscape.

Huffy Bikes boomed into business in the 50's when quality and permanence was a veritable part of American industry. A vintage Huffy bicycle relied on engineering two main-stays; durability and reliability. Whether it's the Special Roadster, the Racer or the Streamliner, it's brand is deep-rooted in American history and culture. Some more notable models include the Radio Bicycle, the Scout, a 10-speed road bicycle named the Dragster, and the Sigma -- a BMX bike.

A Vintage Huffy Bicycle may look like a single street cruiser. The bicycle may be one of the first ten speeds that came on the market. If it is a child's bike, it may even be a single speed 20 inch bicycle. Regardless of the type of bicycle it is, a vintage Huffy bicycle has class. The best vintage bicycle has a bell and a basket. Whether the basket is a whisker basket that rests on the front or a metal basket that sits on the side, a good basket can add to the charm of a vintage Huffy bicycle.

As with any vintage item, the baskets and other items should be original equipment from the manufacturer. If it is not original equipment, it is not vintage.