Vintage Huffy Bike

A vintage Huffy bike is hard to find. Since Huffy is still a popular brand today, they are always coming out with new designs and different styles. However, if you do happen to stumble upon a vintage Huffy bike it can be worth quite a bit of money. It is important to research the bike to see how rare it is. The more rare it is, the easier you will be able to collect a good amount of money from it.

Although all of the Huffy designs were different in some way, most of them had fenders on both the front and the back, high handlebars, a banana seat and the option to add a basket on the back. These vintage pieces were very popular and people were seen cruising the streets often. Since these bikes started to be produced in the 1900's it was basically the only way for people to get around town. Finding an older Huffy bike may bring back a lot of memories for a person and might be worth keeping.

Vintage bicycles are definitely a collector’s item and one of the most sought after styles are vintage huffy bicycles from before WWII. Huffy brand was originally named for “Huffman” which was making bikes since 1934. Huffys were known for their nice sturdy frame and have always been up to the quality level of other bicycle manufactures including Schwinn and Columbia. Huffys always remained one of the most popular brand of bicycles on the market.

Huffys have been some of the best made and most attractive bicycles ever made. Anything that was made pre-war is of the highest quality and the most valuable to vintage bicycle collectors. Bicycles made after the WWII are less valuable and lack the quality of the earlier bicycles. When search for a vintage huffy bicycle older is better.