Vintage Panasonic Bicycle

Panasonic bicycles are a brand name of the Matsushita conglomerate. Matsushita began exporting them to the United States in 1971. In the beginning, the bicycle was called 'The National.' Exports were halted in 1989, upon Mr. Matsushita's passing, but their popularity has not waned. And while Panasonic bicycles are still a sturdy name brand, the vintage bicycles are still highly sought after for their excellent craftsmanship, sturdy frames and thick rims. This outstanding sporting item was in its prime in the seventies and eighties.

Even today, this is still a highly sought after bicycle. If you are uncertain of this fact, feel free to have a look at any web site offering these vintage delights. The wild thing is that prices are generally not that high, even for the gems in the crowd. Just a quick glance through Panasonic models proves to be as interesting as it is beautiful and historical!

You may know of Panasonic as one of the largest electronics company in the world, but that isn't how they started. The Vintage Panasonic Bicycle dates back to the start of the company when Mr. Konosuke Matsushita developed a lamp holder for bicycle headlights while working at a family bicycle shop. From 1951 onward, Matsushita produced Panasonic-branded bicycles for sale worldwide and in the United States. Bicycles could be custom-ordered at a local retailer with various color and feature options.

Panasonic bicycles are still regarded as being a high quality product. Steel rims, and thicker tire treads are just some of the quality points that went to a Vintage Panasonic Bicycle. Despite their reputation and various price points, the shift of currencies after 1985 made the bicycles unprofitable for the U.S. market. They were discontinued in late 1989. Panasonic still produces frames, but only for a niche' market in Japan.