Vintage Peugeot

Those who collect vintage bikes often want the best quality bikes. The vintage peugeot is one of the most sought after bikes around. People all over are starting to rummage through their basements, attics, and garages, looking for the bike. Most collectors out there have a definite opinion about the bike. Some think that it is one of the best bikes ever made while others do not see the bike as any better than other brands that are out there.

The vintage peugeot was a common item back in the 60's and the 70's. It seemed like just about every kid in town had his own peugeot bike back then. Many of those kids are now grown and feeling very nostalgic about the bike and search for a replacement of that once treasured item. Of course, peugeot is still around and very popular but those who remember their first peugeot know that the newer versions simply do not compare.

The name Peugeot is connected to bicycles since the '70's. Not an expensive bicycle but light weight and is best remembered for it's use in major races around the world. Because they were inexpensive they weren't as valued and many were laid to rest over the years, but the nostalgia is back and now collectors have shown renewed interest in this splendid bicycle.

The value of a Vintage Peugeot depends on the type of bicycle, and the materials used in the construction. As the first 10-speed bicycle, many are interested for nostalgic reasons. The most common being the Peugeot AO-8. The most prestigious being the PX-10. You can identify your Vintage Peugeot by the model id based on it's decal scheme and by reviewing it's serial number to identify the year built. Catalog listings are available on the internet.