Vintage Schwinn Bikes

Cruising around the streets and parks, turning heads everywhere you go; everyone loves vintage Schwinn bikes. No matter which model is your favorite, you have to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of an American icon.

Some like to buy the bikes that have been restored to their previous glory while others would rather buy a new version of an original classic design. Either way you are getting quality far superior to any cruiser that is mass produced today.

Customizable with chrome headlights, rear carrier racks, bells, fenders, and many other add-ons, vintage Schwinn bikes are the perfect cruiser bikes. The comfort of ride has been rated highly among bike enthusiasts. The appeal is obvious, given the company was founded in 1895. While having a restored Schwinn in your loft or apartment is a great conversation piece, who could resist a ride on a 1950 Red Phantom or a 1968 Stingray?

People are scrambling to find the Vintage Schwinn Bikes that might be hidden in their basement, attics, or garages. The long forgotten Vintage Schwinn Bikes are making a comeback in a very big way. There are probably millions of these vintage bikes around today which makes it a bit easy to find this gorgeous bike of yesteryear. And the collectors are not alone in their appreciation of the bike. There are a great number of non-collectors who enjoy fond memories of the bike.

Just think about every television series and movie from a few decades ago. Often, the bikes in the films were Vintage Schwinn Bikes. In fact, the bike is considered one of the best made bikes of its time. A very high quality bike made with great skill.