Prewar Schwinn

If you are looking at older bikes you may not realize what model you are looking at. That is when you may want to know some tips to tell if you have a prewar Schwinn bicycle or not.

One tip that you can use is that the rear wheel is going to exit away from the crank. So, if you can see that your bikes rear wheel is exiting away from the crank you may realize that your bike could be from the prewar era.

Another tip that you can utilize is that the rear fenders are going to be unreinforced on the lower tab and the girls models are drilled for skirt lacing. So, this may be another feature that you will want to look for to determine if this is present on your bike or not.

Something else you can use in determining if your bike is prewar or not is to see if the chain guard is bolted on or not. If the model is from the prewar era the chain guards are typically clamped on.

Determining if the bike that you own or not is a prewar Schwinn or not can be hard to figure out. However, if you get some tips it will be easy to determine if your bike is from the prewar era or not.