Schwinn Cotton Picker

Anyone who knows anything about antique bicycles knows that the Schwinn Cotton Picker is a rare and exciting find. It was only produced for two years, 1970 and 1971, making it tough to find and even harder to find in good condition. It features a five-speed Stik-Shift with just a 16-inch Atom hub front tire, MAG sprocket and of course the classic cotton picker seat. The bicycle's funky look makes it a unique find, but it's history makes it a collectible worth finding.

The name "Cotton Picker" refers to the all-white version of the bicycle which was released just after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement, which obviously invited some unwanted racist sentiments whether or not they were deserved, so this bicycle has a definite place in American history. If you have not seen a Schwinn Cotton Picker you are missing out on a unique item that looks nothing like the bicycles of today.