Schwinn Lemon Peeler

From the late 1960s to early 1970s, Schwinn produced a variety of bikes known as Krate Bicycles. Available in seven different flavors that included Schwinn Lemon Peeler, Orange Krate, Pea Picker, Apple Krate, Ghost Gray, Grape Krate and Cotton Picker, the Lemon Peeler was the least favorite among children. Each name refers to a color, but all Krate Bicycles were the same style. These were a 5 speed bike complete with a stick shift, a smaller 16" front wheel, a speedometer, odometer, headlight and taillight. The electronics were powered by pedaling which put power to the 6 volt generator on the rear of the bike.

The Schwinn Lemon Peeler is stated to be the least favorite among children, but no reason is given. If a person were to guess, it is probably because of its bright yellow color. It is the same bike as the others, but this one tended to be left behind when children chose their bikes. The other colors were orange, green, red, gray, purple and white. In later models of the Schwinn bikes, the stick shift was removed due to a safety hazard.