Schwinn OCC

The Schwinn OCC is a bike produced through collaboration with Orange County Choppers, the company featured on the Discovery Channel's "American Choppers" program. It is a revival of the classic Sting-Ray bicycle design with added features inspired by custom motorcycles. The basic shape of the bike is the elongated "low rider" build of the Sting-Ray bike from the 1960's and '70's, but a triangular section of metal has been added in imitation of a motorcycle's gas tank. There is a kickstand that raises the front tire when the bike is parked and the rear tire has a special high-traction "big boa" tread design, further enhancing the resemblance to a motorcycle.

The Schwinn OCC was issued in 2004 in a limited edition of only 3,500. Special features such as chrome, decals and custom tires made it an instant hit with bike enthusiasts, who have made additional modifications by adding motors and other motorcycle-like features. There is now a Schwinn Chopper Shop selling motorized versions of the OCC.