Schwinn Phantom

The Schwinn Phantom came along at just the right time. America had gone bonkers for bicycles, and the Schwinn Phantom became the darling of middle class families everywhere.

The bike was marketed as a cruiser, and came in black, green, and red. However, its reign was short-lived. Americans then became enamored with the automobile, thanks to Henry Ford. However, bicycles never fell completely out of favor. Whole families still went on bike rides on Sunday evenings, and to this day biking is considered great exercise.

The bike was noted for its balance and weight. It was easy for riders to handle even on rough terrain, and light enough to be brought indoors if need be.

Schwinn Phantoms are prized by bike collectors to this day. There are entire forums dedicated to them online, with proud owners displaying their latest finds. The bikes remind people of a simpler time, when families were still able to spend long hours together.