Schwinn Chopper

The Chopper is still cool after 25 years

Over 25 years ago the streets in America were ruled by the Schwinn stingray chopper bicycle. Designed with a large, wide rear tire and front fork suspension it was made to give it the appearance of a real chopper, which of course was the most popular motorcycle at the time. Kids growing up riding a stingray have most likely evolved into the faithful Harley riders of today, because riding a Stingray simply made one feel as cool as it looked.

Thank Schwinn for bringing back the Cool. To celebrate their 50th anniversary they decided to rebirth the Schwinn stingray chopper bike, making it widely available for kids in retail stores. A full adult size version of the Stingray is also available, but extremely hard to find.

With its active spring type front fork suspension, solid polished aluminum crank legs, wide platform pedals and rear disk brakes this bike looks and handles just like a real chopper. The seat is easily adjustable, and the metallic paint and pinstripe decal sets give this bike a custom look that is hard to ignore.