Western Flyer Bicycle

Western Flyer Bicycle and Its American Heritage

The Western Flyer bicycle dates to the post-World War II era when its creator, the Western Auto Company, first introduced its brand of bicycles to the market. The bicycle immediately became popular among the public and soon Western Auto manufactured several models of the bicycle. These models included the X53 Super, the Silver Flyer, and the Galaxy Flyer were among the most notable for this brand of bike.

The Western Flyer bicycle has remained a favorite and, even though they are no longer manufactured or sold in retail stores, they can be found for sale on the Internet. As a matter of fact, many nostalgia toy and collectible sites offer these bikes for sale to collectors or to people who simply want to enjoy again the model of bike they rode as children. Well-kept bikes can include their original horns, frames, and lights. Some of these sites even offer tandem bicycles that can be worth more money.

The Western Flyer Bicycle was produced in many different styles and by various companies from the late-1930's through the late 1950's. They were produced exclusively for Western Auto stores, a now-defunct chain that retailed automotive parts and accessories, as well as general merchandise.

Various manufacturers made the Western Flyer Bicycle including: Shelby Cycle Co., Cleveland Welding Co., Murray-Ohio, and the Huffman Mfg Company. The Speedline Airflo model, produced by Shelby in the late 1930's, tends to be the most valuable. This is due to the unconventional design. Reproductions of the Western Flyer Bicycle were made in the 1980s, but are nowhere near as valuable. Bicycles in the most excellent condition can be worth hundreds of dollars-- much more than the original selling price of $75.