Western Flyer Bike

The Western Flyer Bike is a great memory of the past. The most common ones come from the 1950's when they started to make an appearance. They were infamous for the horn that was on the front of the bike. There were even some models that had a tail light and a head light. They were well known for their great choice of color schemes. The bikes often came with front shocks and wonderful seats.

The Western Flyer Bike is also known for having a tandem model. That is where the bicycle has two seats and allows for two people to ride at once. It is twice as much fun and is only one bike. The grips of the bike often had the Western signature on them. The best models often had speed-o-meters attached to the bike. This is an excellent gift for some one who is a bike collector.

The Western Flyer bike was sold out of Western Auto Supply stores from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. These bikes were made by many manufacturers. The best known manufacturer of the Western Flyer bike was the Shelby Cycle Company. Other manufacturers included Cleveland Welding, Murray-Ohio, Huffman manufacturing and others.

Probably one of the most collectible of these bikes is the Western Flyer Speedline Airflo Model which was manufactured by Shelby Cycle Company in the 30’s. Another well recognized bike was manufactured by Murray-Ohio. It was the Western flyer X53 which was manufactured for a few years and discontinued in 1959.

Reproductions of the Western Flyer bike were made in the 1980’s and 1990’s and are more common and of less value than the original models.