Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas Collectibles are available to purchase and can be quite a find due to the history of each item.

If you are considering starting a vintage collection, you should decide what type of collectible you are interested in. During the 1800’s glass ornaments were first introduced and these were created in Germany. They began to replace the fruit and candles people had been using for decoration on their Christmas trees. When Europeans began to immigrate to America their ornaments came with them. During the 1960’s the glass ornaments were exchanged for aluminum. To find truly valuable glass ornaments, look for the smaller sized ones with hand painted elements. The paint may be faded or pastel, also the base on hand blown ornaments will be lopsided or uneven.

Vintage Christmas Collectibles include tree toppers. Stars and angels are very popular vintage tree toppers. They are often made from plastic or glass, many of them light up. Another popular type of tree topper is the glass notched style. These have a steeple pointing from the top. They come in many different colors and styles; you should be able to find a vintage one to suit your taste.

Collecting Santa Claus’s may be more to your preference; these are available as figures, ornaments, snow globes and dinnerware. Waterford and Woolco are known for their history in creating Santa Claus collectibles.

When deciding your Christmas collection, consider your personal style and preferences and you’ll be sure to find a collection you will enjoy.

Vintage Christmas collectibles can vary from antique Christmas decorations such as hand-blown glass Christmas tree ornaments and folk art items to such manufactured collectibles as aluminum Christmas trees or limited edition collectible plates.

Some of the most popular Vintage Christmas collectibles include elves, reindeer, nutcrackers, Santa figurines, model train sets and vintage vinyl Christmas records. Especially popular are vintage Coca Cola Christmas collectibles, such as coke glasses, mugs, dishes and trays, ornaments, prints, signs and posters, Coca Cola polar bears and Boyds bears, collectible tins and 6 packs of vintage Christmas coke bottles.

Dickens village ceramic houses are another very popular Vintage Christmas item. They come in many shapes and sizes and many collectors will have an entire village, complete with houses, bakeries, fire stations, churches, even ski slopes, plus people, pets, Santa figures, fences, trees and anything that a real village might possess.

Antique Christmas teddy bears are among the most popular Christmas collectibles and come in a variety of shapes and sizes by a myriad of manufacturers, most notably Boyd's Bears. They usually come dressed in adorable Christmas garb and often hand-knit sweaters and caps. Some talk, sing or move. Who doesn't love a cuddly Christmas teddy bear?